Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Bookmarklets FTW: Magic Pop-Outs and the Theory of Dog Balls!

Bookmarklets FTW!

As explained in my previous post Bookmarklets FTW: Preview Your Blogspot Posts Like a Boss!, bookmarklets are little (or not so little) helper bookmarks, which actually contain scripts. They can certainly make your life easier with automation. I'm bringing here 2 of them, which I've been using a lot.
  • A bookmarklet that opens streaming videos in little popups (not just Youtube videos).
  • A bookmarklet that opens a tiny remote control for Grooveshark player functions.
  • I'm including a small-but-useful app for keeping popup windows on top.
For more advanced readers, I've added a deeper explanation on the bookmarklet structure and recommendations for bookmarklet editing tools and procedures.

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