Sunday, 1 June 2014

Project: Keeping Track of your GitHub Open Issues in Real Time

The need

Since my team started working more and more on open-source projects, which are publicly shared on GitHub, I faced a need to have an easy way to follow up whenever new issues (GitHub's euphemism of bugs) were submitted by users.

There is a way to keep track by "watching" repositories of your choice, for which you get email notifications, but those emails are not limited just to newly submitted issues, but also to every pull/push request and comments. Also, for some reason, although I have clearly unsubscribed ("unwatched") specific repositories on my list, GitHub continues to notify me about them (which seems to be an issue in itself).

Thus, I decided (as always) to take things to my own lazy hands, and spent ~2 days building my very own GitHub Issues Notifier.
Get it on GitHub!