Thursday, 23 May 2013

My Very Own Single-Serving Site - Is it 18:00 yet?!

Single-serving sites are awesome. Well, some of them are. Some of them answer really crucial questions.

My contribution to the world of SSS: Is it 18:00 yet?
Sometimes you really really need to know if it's 18:00 already. My informative site "Is it 18:00 yet?" is here to the rescue!
It also shows a countdown till 18:00 (or a count-up, showing how much time has passed since 18:00).
What else happens on the site at 18:00? I'll let you browse and see the wonder for yourself!

GitHub hosting
This SSS is hosted on GitHub (yes! it's possible!). A link to the repository: IsIt6.
To learn about GitHub hosting go to GitHub Pages.

Other examples
Here's a part of my SSSs collection. Some more useful than others:

Web and design:
  • is one of the oldest SSSs.

  • Then comes iiiiiiii, followed by ooooiiii and lalalaa.
    The songs those samples were extracted from are are Hebrew songs, btw.



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