Thursday, 21 March 2013

Babylon-based dictionaries on Kindle - Round 2

My post "Using Babylon-based dictionaries on your Kindle" seems to have gotten relatively wide attention. Currently the statistics show that 2595 users have seen it, 31 of them commented, 2 more via Facebook and a number of emails I've received from readers.
People's interest in pre-built dictionaries which they can run on their Kindle devices (specifically English-Hebrew dictionaries, but not just) is understandable. There are some issues with the BabylonToHtml conversion tool I've put together.

Due to lack of time for resolving the known issues with the project, or for production of pre-built dictionaries, I've decided to share BabylonToHtml publicly as an open-source project, for anyone who wishes to update/improve it.

Pre-Built Dictionaries in this post!

I'm sharing some pre-built dictionaries in this post. Some were produced by me and some by others. They are shared here so that they can be freely downloaded and used by anyone.
This section will be updated with dictionaries which the readers share with me over time.
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