Monday, 7 January 2013

Full Recordings of my C# Programming Course on YouTube

The complete set of recordings of the "Programming Fundamentals with C#" course (presented in English) which I've lectured between 2011-2012 on the Telerik Academy, was uploaded to YouTube's Academy channel.

I've compiled here the full list of the videos, in their original presentation order. This may help anyone interested in following this course from start to finish.
All lectures were presented by me, except 3 in which I was absent and were presented by George Georgiev, and the general introduction to the course, presented by Svetlin Nakov.

For convenience, here are links to download the book of the course in Bulgarian and in English, and for each lecture I'm also linking the PowerPoint presentation and the demo materials from the academy site. Additional materials and demo tests can be found on the course's materials page.