Thursday, 24 November 2011

3 More Lecture Recordings

3 More screen recordings of lectures. These were recorded in the Telerik Academy between 14th - 21st of November 2011.
My fearless .NET ninja students get things quite quickly, but nevertheless I always do my best to get the messages through, debug and demonstrate so that every bit of information presented is clear.
A demo of the TeleTris console game, which I wrote about in the previous post, is included in the recording about conditional statements (it's a short lesson anyway).

Operators and Expressions
This lecture covers the basic built in unary, binary and ternary normal and bitwise operators for various manipulation of data. Lots of debugging and inspection of the data is included.

Console Input and Output
Reading and writing on the console.  Learning how the console window behaves and how to format the data, including a review of the demo JustSnake console game and getting to know Nyan cat!

Conditional statements
A rather short lesson about boolean conditions, code flow and switch-case blocks. Also includes a demo of the TeleTris console game.


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