Tuesday, 23 August 2011


It's past 02:45 AM, the perfect time to start a blog.
I haven't written anything publicly in a while. Probably since I was leading and managing a forum of software developers (which does not exist anymore) on a popular-yet-crappy Israeli portal around 2002 A.D..

!שלום, עולם
Hello, world!
Здравей, свят!
I am Alon Rotem, an Israeli living in Sofia, Bulgaria. An amateur musician, a professional software developer and a geek wannabe.
More about me can be found on , and . Sorry, I don't ..

What is this blog?
I hack, crack and script all the time. I constantly write computer programmes, scriptlets, bookmarklets, macros, batch files and other automations regardless of whether they are needed or not.
Starting from BASIC programs on my first computer, my dearly beloved long lost Atari 800 XL, through smart automation scripts on the mythological mIRC chat client, useful Microsoft Office macros, down to the latest .NET framework Windows and web applications.

I intend to use this small virtual piece of cyberspace as my public notebook for scripts and sample programmes I often build. Someone may find them useful.
Random thoughts and posts about subjects other than code may also appear without notice.
This blog will be mainly written in English and L33T, as those are the official languages of geeks worldwide.

Happy coding.
Do help yourselves to booze cabinet.

Bach's Well Tempered Clavier's Prelude & Fugue in C# Major played by Glenn Gould

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